Saddle Fitting

We have many saddles in stock from the following brands which are available to purchase by appointment only.

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For Saddle Fitting Enquiries

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The SES Saddle Buying/ Checking Process:

SES Saddlery has Sarah Stevens, Master Saddler and Society of Master Saddlers Registered Qualified Saddle Fitter, who is able to check the fit of your current saddle and make adjustments (minor ones on site). We also have an ever expanding range of new saddles and access to a large variety of second hand saddles.

Before we come out to you, we would take details such as:


Number One

What you would like to do with your horse

Number 2

What work you are currently doing with your horse

Number 3

Height, type, age and condition of your horse

Number 4

Whether you would like a new or second hand saddle, or a leather or synthetic version

Number 5

Your budget

Number 6

Any additional information you think we may need- maybe your horse has had a bad back in the past, or if he has being out of work- this is useful information for me!

In addition to this we will require your horse to be sound and in work. We need a flat, enclosed area for your to be able to ride (walk, trot, canter and jump-if applicable).

Please notify us ASAP if, having booked an appointment, your horse, or any other horse on your yard, shows symptoms of any condition that may be contagious (ie esp Ringworm or Strangles). We can rebook, no problem, but we cannot see you until the condition has cleared up.

After taking these details, we will select which saddles we think may be suitable for you and your horse, and they are bought to your consultation. We provide a wide variety of saddles, including well known brands such as Ideal, Wintec, Thorowgood and and many more. We can also supply Made to Measure, Custom made Saddles should you require one.

SES Saddlery is happy to work together with your Veterinary Surgeon, Physiotherapist and your Instructor especially for remedial saddle fitting to ensure that your saddle is suitable for your horse and yourself! A well fitting saddle will help you both reach your full potential, so my aim is to provide a comfortable, well fitting saddle for your horse and you.